2007 “Galaxy World” workshop for Kinder Kunsten Fabriek, Cultuurcentrum Genk
and FLACC, Genk (B)
2007 “Ugly duckly greetings from Roermond” workshop at the Stedelijk
Lyceum Roermond (Highschool), C.A.P.T.U.R.E. the City, Limburg (NL)
1998/1999 Teacher Visual Arts, Art School Linne (NL)
1997/1998 Teacher Visual Arts, Foundation Traject Maastricht (NL)
1997/1998 Teacher Visual Arts, Special Education MLK VSO St. Servatius, Maastricht
1996/1997 Teacher Visual Arts, Social Pedagogical Assistance Higher Education
Maastricht (NL)
1995/1996 Teacher Visual Arts, Primary School OBS “De Perroen“ in Maastricht (NL)